Acceptable Use Poloicy

Acceptable Use Policies outline the procedures for students use of the schools network. they vary in length and depth depending on upon the district you attend or work in. Being in an Independent School, we do not have Acceptable Use Policies that are as in-depth as many of the public schools that surround me. However, I believe Acceptable Use Policies should cover (but not limited to) IT Compliance, 1:1 or BYOT, and Cloud Computing.

Students and parents need to be cognizant of the rules and regulations of using the internet and computers at school. Here are just a few:

1.1 IT Compliance: While we believe that teaching the students how to properly search the internet is an important skill, sometimes they may make mistakes. To address these issues, we have an IT Compliance section in our AUP. Students or any users of our computers and internet will follow “all acceptable laws, policies, regulations, and rules,” (Culver Academies, n.d) as set fourth by the school.

2.1 1:1 or BYOT: Since we are a 1:1 school, students and parents need to be aware that while the family owns the device, some of the software that will be pushed onto the device is property of the school and shall not be removed by anyone other than the school (International School of Indiana. n.d.).

3.1 Cloud Computing: To remain as up to date with the newest technologies and allow your student more access to files they create at school, the school will use cloud computing to accomplish this. While we still own some of the apps your student may use, most of the content created will be stored in the cloud and posted online (Brebeuf. n.d.)


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